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APEC Training for Program Managers on TB/HIV (Thailand)

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APEC Training for Program Managers on TB/HIV (Thailand)

The annual risk of developing tuberculosis (TB) in people living with HIV/AIDS (PHA), who are co-infected with M. tuberculosis, range from 5 % ?15 %. In addition, up to 50 % of PLWH develop TB during their lifetime, compared to 5 % - 10 % of HIV negative persons. As it is the most important opportunistic infection (OI) for PHA, and a leading cause of death, programs providing HIV care and treatment services have the opportunity to diagnose and report TB in this population. In 2000, 3 % (53,000) new TB cases were attributable to the HIV infection in the South-East Asia region. Increasingly, countries in the region are reporting rising numbers of HIV positive TB patients who have considerably contributed to the countries?burden as well as had profound impact on each other national program. It is, therefore, important to promote effective national/local mechanisms and plan in response to prevention and control of TB/HIV based on the WHO initiated framework on TB/HIV which encourages the implementation of collaborative/integrative TB and HIV activities

The project will build capacity and strengthen human resources in this field through training of future program managers of the TB and HIV programs and include:

  • Presentation of the economy report of the situation and experience on TB/HIV
  • Classroom lectures and presentations of the training components - Group discussions and presentation of the results
  •  Site training and observation of collaborative TB/HIV activities in the regional and provincial levels and reporting of the findings ?

Designing and presentation of action plan at a n economy level and/or collaborative projects at the local level based on the knowledge and experience gained.