APEC Emerging Infections Networks (EINet): Expert Roundtable Series on Hot Topics in Infectious Diseases (United States)

posted Jul 8, 2014, 11:24 AM by Admin Web

APEC Emerging Infections Networks (EINet): Expert Roundtable Series on Hot Topics in Infectious Diseases (United States)

The goal of this project is to improve public health preparedness against emerging bio-threats, such as avian influenza, by enhancing communication, coordination, and collaboration among the relevant sectors of the APEC economies, such as public health, trade, and communications. Broadly, this project aims to facilitate technical capacity building, connectivity, and cooperation among member economies.

This project proposes to facilitate four multi-point videoconferences among APEC economies on hot topics in infectious disease in order to facilitate communications and information sharing to increase pandemic preparedness throughout the region as well as to increase leadership development among APEC economies through a rotating facilitation and hosting schedule. Specifically, this project will virtually bring together an expert forum (videoconferences) on emerging infections from participating economies on a quarterly basis. A major component of the project is to enhance participation in advanced network-supported activities to explore emerging modes of real-time communication to improve regional preparedness in the Asia Pacific. Hopefully, by facilitating communication and cooperation between the public health professionals from different APEC member economies, the biological and economic threat posed by emerging infections can be reduced.

This project also proposes to support EINet as an ongoing asset by continuously tailoring, enhancing, and populating its 10-year EINet archives of weekly disease alert information through the maintenance of w weekly bulletin function of the APEC EINet user community. Furthermore, by providing a high-speed networking platform that has been established through regular testing for ongoing preparedness activities in Asia Pacific Region, the EINet gains supports as an ongoing asset.

Project activities will include the ongoing maintenance and continued refinement of the epidemic alert and information services of APEC EINet. The project strengthens regional information technology sharing capabilities by providing technical guidance on networking and communications during the course of preparation and active participation of the APEC EINet videoconferences.