APEC Workshop for the Control Practice of Dengue Fever (Chinese Taipei)

posted Jun 3, 2014, 3:15 AM by Admin Web

Dengue fever has rapidly emerged as one of the most important public health problems in countries of Asia-Pacific Region. In July 2007, the World Health Organization has warned that the Western Pacific Region may be heading for a major dengue outbreak unless concerted effort and cooperation are undertaken quickly. One of the key strategies for prevention and control is vector control through community participation and mobilization of the community at household and community level.

Recognizing the urgent need of improving the capacities among APEC members for the control of dengue fever, the project is designed to hold a workshop for the Control Practice of Dengue Fever in May-June 2008. The workshop will focus on the practice of vector control, risk communication and community mobilization. The experts will be invited to present the application of the latest information technology for dengue control, and the interdepartmental cooperation.

The health workers, policy makers as well as the community leaders from all member economies are welcome to attend. Through this workshop, the participants are expected to get better experience and knowledge to improve the capacities of dengue control in all member economies.