2006 Projects

Functioning Economies in Times of Pandemic (Australia)

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This project will establish general protocols and systems of cooperation, that will help APEC member economies keep functioning in the event of a pandemic or other incident involving mass casualties.. In particular, the project will focus on incorporating the business sector into pandemic preparedness, in collaboration with both the health and trade sectors. Initially a discussion paper will be formulated outlining recommended protocols and systems for the region through extensive consultation with all three sectors of interest (health, trade and business). Views put forward during consultation will be brought together at a multi-sectoral symposium to be held in Vietnam in 2006. Following this Symposium, recommendations will be finalized and will be launched in Australia in 2007.

Pandemic Preparedness Communications Workshop (Canada)

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Pandemic influenza presents a potential threat to human health and global economic prosperity, particularly to economies in the Asia-Pacific region. Preparedness is essential for an effective response to an outbreak of pandemic influenza. A critical component of preparedness is risk communication: the provision of timely and accurate information to minimize disruption and ensure an effective response to the outbreak. Appropriate risk communication heightens the effectiveness of outbreak preparedness and response, and minimizes social and economic disruptions. Risk communication prior to and during an outbreak is an enormous challenge: officials need to ensure that information is delivered appropriately, minimizes fear, and reaches all citizens.

This proposal seeks funding for a one to two day workshop in pandemic risk communication. The workshop will be held on the margins of the APEC Health Ministerial Meeting in Vietnam on 24-25 April 2006 and will directly respond to the commitment made by Leaders in Busan to enhance locally appropriate risk communication and public awareness.

The workshop will highlight the regional importance of effective domestic risk communications and build capacity among APEC economies to develop pandemic communications strategies. The outcomes of the workshop will provide a useful basis for further discussions at the Health Ministerial Meeting and highlight areas which require further consideration and development. Participants will include key communications and technical specialists from APEC economies, representatives from the APEC Business Advisory Council, stakeholders including media and civil society representatives, and communications specialists from the WHO.

APEC Symposium on Emerging Infectious Diseases (China)

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This project is designed to promote cooperation among APEC members in the field of emerging infectious diseases prevention and control and facilitate the establishment of a mutual technical assistance and information sharing mechanism, so as to improve the members?capacity in responding to emerging infectious diseases. A symposium will be held in Beijing, China April 4-5, 2006, discussions will be centered on such major emerging infectious diseases as human avian influenza and SARS. A summary report of the symposium containing recommendations on future cooperation will be submitted to the APEC Ministerial Meeting on Avian Influenza and Pandemic Influenza and to APEC Senior Officials Meeting.

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