2013 Health Working Group Meeting

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1st Health Working Group Meeting

The host of APEC 2013 is Indonesia under the theme of “Resilient Asia-Pacific, Engine of Global Growth”. The 1st Health Working Group Meeting as side meeting of the 2nd Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM II) and Related Meetings was chaired by Russia in Surabaya, Indonesia from April 11th to 12th. During the 1st HWG regular meeting of 2013, it reviewed the projects of 2012 and introduced latest concept notes submitted from Indonesia, Singapore, Peru and Russia. It also incorporated the Presentation on Cross Cutting Issue of Emergency Preparedness from Emergency Preparedness Working Group (EPWG) and the Presentation on ASEAN Health Issues into the meeting agenda as a trans-regional cooperative focus.

In addition, since the first attempt of collaboration through a Joint Session between the HWG and the Life Science Innovation Forum (LSIF) in 2011, besides the HWG regular meeting itself, the HWG meeting also contains the Joint Session with the LSIF. During the Joint Session with the LSIF in the 1st HWG Meeting of 2013, it updated the implementation of Indonesia’s priorities in both group and forum as well as discussed the draft agenda for 2013 APEC High Level Meeting on Health and the Economy, which is to be held on this September.

2nd Health Working Group Meeting

The 2013 APEC 3rd Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOMIII) and Related Meetings has started in Medan, Indonesia on June 22nd and will be closed on July 6th, during which the 2nd Health Working Group (HWG) meeting will be hosted on July 1 and 2 and chaired by Russia.

The 1st day of the meeting will begin with the opening session and the discussion of the Strategic Planning, then move on to a cross issue collaboration with Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG). The afternoon session will start by updating and discussing the approved and on-going HWG projects and will finish with the HWG deliverables for 2013 including possible recommendations made by the conclusion from the 1st HWG meeting HIV policy dialogue in this April as well as Universal Health Coverage (UHC) input for model which will be presented by Thailand.

The 2nd day of the meeting will start by the introduction of new HWH concept notes for session 3.  And the HWG/LSIF Joint Session is arranged in the afternoon, covering the briefing on the 3rd High Level Meeting on Health and the Economy, the progress report by US, and the updates on the dialogues to be held on the following 2 days. At the end of the 2nd HWG meeting of 2013, Indonesia will introduce its arrangement of the Health Policy Dialogue for 2014, and the HWG will discuss the selection of the next HWG Chair of 2014-2015. Finally, the meeting will be closed after a briefing by the Host of APEC 2014, China, on the APEC 2014 activities.

In terms of the side meetings of the 2nd HWG meetings, under the initiative by  LSIF PG Chair, there will be three back-to-back dialogue held on July 3 and 4, including “the Dialogue of the Development of Medicinal Plant and Traditional Medicine” to be hosted by Indonesia, “the Dialogue on Collaborations to Address Mental Health Challenges” and “the Dialogue on Building Capacity to Address Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)”, both to be held by the USA.