2012 Health Working Group Meeting

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1st Health Working Group Meeting

The host of APEC 2012 is Russia Federation under the theme of “Integrate to Grow, Innovate to Prosper”. The 1st APEC Health Working Group meeting of 2012 was held on 7-9 February in the capital city of Russia Federation-Moscow, representatives from APEC economies gathered for the new proposals in 2012 and the progress evaluation of projects in 2011.

The incoming New HWG Chair Dr. Svetlana Axelrod (Russia) was introduced at the opening sessions by the outgoing Chair Dr. Masato Mugitani (Japan). During the 1st HWG meeting, 9 projects of 2011 progress reports was presented to member economies by Chinese Taipei, Republic of Korea, Russia, and China, and 4 new concept notes of 2012 proposed by Republic of Korea, Chinese Taipei, China, and Singapore were also introduced.

USA also briefed the follow-up work on the Action Plan for APEC NCD White Paper as well as future initiatives for APEC Aging Population Strategy. In addition, current work of LSIF which further cooperation is considerable was discussed. Chinese Taipei briefed on the preparations for the coming Health Policy Dialogue to be held during the Second Health Working Group meeting.

The consideration to change the date of Second Health Working Group to avoid conflicting with World Health Assembly dates will be announced and circulated to member economies after the meeting for inter-sessional support by HWG members.

2nd Health Working Group Meeting

The 2nd Health Working Group meeting of 2012 was held in St. Petersburg, Russia on June 24th to 25th, 2012.

The meeting was opened by the representative of the Health Committee of the Government of St. Petersburg and followed with the opening remarks by the Chair Dr. Svetlana Axelrod. During the Second HWG meeting, 12 projects of 2011 progress reports was presented to member economies by Russia, China, Korea, Chinese Taipei, Singapore and 14 new concept notes of 2012 proposed by Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Russia, Thailand, Mexico, China, and Viet Nam were also introduced. In addition, Indonesia introduced a multi-year project (MYP) on Public Health Profession Capacity Building and Harmonization among APEC Economies and a self-funded project on Developing Educational Masters Program for Global Health and Leadership among APEC Economies.

APEC Secretariat briefed the 8th version of APEC project guidebook and cooperation with international organization was also introduced. Representative of Philippines briefed ASEAN Health Work Priorities on behalf of ASEAN. Other experts also presented work about UNICEF, Non-Communicable Diseases for prospective cooperation. The APEC NCD Action Plan Implementation Template and Report was also introduced during the meeting as the result of collaboration work. At the end of the meeting, Indonesia was elected as the next HWG Vice Chair and briefly presented their work of preparation for 2013.

In addition, since its first attempt of collaboration through a Joint Session between the HWG and the Life Science Innovation Forum (LSIF) in 2011, besides the HWG regular meeting itself, the HWG meeting also contains the Joint Session with the LSIF. The Joint Session in the 2nd HWG Meeting of 2012 was held as an APEC High-Level Meeting on Health and Economy with the theme “ Investing in a Healthy Life Course” in Saint Petersburg, Russia Federation on June 27, 2012.

APEC economies face the twin challenges of a rise in non-communicable disease through life style choices and ageing demographics and unsatisfactory outcomes for maternal and child health that bring forward the age when non-communicable disease strikes and lowers the productivity potential of an economy over the long term. This meeting focused on the discussion of these challenges and identify high impact investments that can be made along the life course that yield a real economic return and transform health into an economic asset and driver of economic growth.