2011 Health Working Group Meeting

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1st Health Working Group Meeting

The host of APEC 2011, the United States dedicated to promoting “A Seamless Regional Economy” by focusing on three priority areas including (1) strengthening regional economic integration and expanding trade; (2) promoting green growth; (3) regulatory convergence and cooperation.

The 1st Health Working Group meeting of 2011 was held and chaired by the US on 6-7 March in Washington DC. During the meeting, the progress of four remaining projects from 2011 had been presented to member economies by by P. R. of China, Vietnam, Chinese Taipei and Republic of Korea and eight new projects had been presented by Singapore, Republic of Korea, P. R. of China, Canada, Chinese Taipei and Thailand.

At the 1st HWG meeting in 2011, Life Sciences Innovation Forum(LSIF) and Health Working Group(HWG) had the very first Joint Meeting as the initiative attempt to consider the possibilities of cooperation between these two APEC fora.

At the Joint Meeting, member economies has brought up some areas which both working group and forum can cooperate with each other and considered to held the joint meeting annually in order to continue the cooperation. The area where they could cooperate includes: Behavioral Research and Study on Risk Factors, NCDs: Non-Communicable Diseases (especially on aging issue), Health System Strengthening Including Aging Issue and Health Financing, and IT / ICT.

2nd Health Working Group Meeting

The 2nd Health Working Group meeting of 2011 was held in San Francisco on 13-15 September during the third Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM3). APEC economies gathered at the meeting to review the outcome of report from the HWG program of work in 2010 as well as to evaluate the development of the HWG program of work in 2011.

Besides the regular HWG meeting, the Health System Innovation Dialogue, co-hosted by LSIF and HWG, was also held in San Francisco on 16-17 September 2011. APEC health ministers – including Brunei; Hong Kong, China; Malaysia; Philippines; and Chinese Taipei – and other high-level officials met at the dialogue discussing the importance of innovation, multi-sectoral collaboration, and public-private sector partnerships to develop and implement an APEC Action Plan to Reduce the Economic Burden of Non-Communicable Disease.

The Action Plan requires APEC economies to:

  • Adopt approaches to policy development that involve all government agencies and health stakeholders;
  • Establish public-private partnerships focused on leveraging innovations to strengthen health systems to meet the chronic disease challenge; and
  • Share best practices and track outcomes on chronic disease prevention, detection, and control activities.