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2012 Health Policy Dialogue

posted May 25, 2014, 11:53 AM by APEC Admin   [ updated Jul 2, 2014, 1:33 AM by Admin Web ]

Health Policy Dialogue in the 2nd HWG Meeting

The Health Policy Dialogue of 2012 was held in St. Petersburg on June 26th by Chinese Taipei and the theme was ‘Using Health IT to Connect and Strengthen the Health Care System’.

The Health Policy Dialogue was opened by the HWG Chair Dr. Svetlana Axelrod and followed by an opening keynote speech by Dr. Ivakin R.M. from Ministry of Health of Russia talking about ‘practical aspects of an integrated inter-regional information system for health: experience from the Russian Federation’.

The dialogue consisted of 6 speeches: ‘Using Health IT to Connect the Health Care System and Improve Patient Care’ presenting by Prof. Myoungho Lee (President of Korea e-health Association) from Korean Yonsei University, ‘An IT Blueprint for Accountable Care’ by Mr. Kenichi Matsumoto( Vice Chairman of GS1 Healthcare Japan), ‘Achieving Meaningful Use of Health IT’ by Dr. Jane Soepardi(Head of Center for Data and Information) from Ministry of Health of Indonesia, ‘Telemedicine as a tool to Improve Quality and Safety of Care: Russian Experience’ by Dr. Kazankov O.M. from Russian Federal Center for Obstertics, ‘Patient Participation through Health IT’ by Prof. Yu-Chuan Jack Li from Taipei Medical University and ‘Next Steps for APEC Economies in Health IT’ made by Dr. Min-Huei Hsu(Director of Information Management Center & Director-General of Bureau of International Cooperation) from Department of Health of Chinese Taipei.

At the end of the Health Policy Dialogue, the HWG Vice-Chair Dr. Donald TF Shang from Department of Health of Chinese Taipei gave the closing remarks and thanked all the experts for sharing their expertise of Health IT.