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Health Ministerial Meeting

Because the spread of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) had already affected the economic growth and human security in APEC region in 2003, APEC economies decided to convene the Health Ministerial Meeting. The first Health Ministerial Meeting was held to address the threats of the SARS in the same year.

As the outbreak of the avian influenza in 2006, a Health Ministerial Meeting was held again and the “APEC Action Plan on Prevention and Response to Avian and Influenza Pandemics” was endorsed.

For strengthening the preparedness of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, in 2007 APEC economies held the Health Ministerial Meeting, which delivered a statement with the theme “Building on our investment: a sustainable and multi-sectoral approach to pandemic preparedness and emerging health threats.”

Each statement of the Health Ministerial Meeting is as follows.