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2015 First Health Working Group Meeting

posted Feb 10, 2015, 11:36 PM by APEC Admin

The first Health Working Group Meeting took place from 26-27 January, 2015 in Clark, the Philippines.

Under the HWG Chairmanship of Mr. Li Mingzhu, HWG reviewed health deliverables in 2014 and set forth HWG’s work plan for 2015. Responding to the supports from APEC leaders, the host economy, the Philippines has also led discussions on drafting a “Roadmap of working towards Healthy Asia Pacific 2020”.

During the meeting, a new prioritization guideline which allows in-session ranking for concept notes was practiced for the first time. To ensure transparency of the process, results of the ranking was announced in-session for endorsement before reporting to the Budget and Management Committee for consideration.

To further align HWG operations with APEC priorities and current health issues, the first HWG meeting has also initiated programs to update the Terms of Reference of HWG and devise the HWG 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.