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2004-2005 HWG Workplan

posted May 19, 2014, 8:13 PM by APEC Admin   [ updated Jul 9, 2014, 8:49 PM by Admin Web ]

Senior Officials created the ad hoc Health Task Force (HTF) in October 2003 with a two-year mandate (2004-2005) to address priority health issues related to trade, economy and security. In March 2004, they endorsed the HTF’s proposed Terms of Reference, which included the following four main objectives:

  • To enhance APEC cooperation and integration of health-related efforts across relevant APEC sectors and fora;
  • To implement explicit priorities of Leaders and Ministers;
  • To take a primarily strategic (rather than opportunistic) and efficient approach to determining priorities for cooperation, taking into account capacity and volunteers readily available among APEC members;
  • To complement and not duplicate the work of the World Health Organization

(WHO) and other relevant international and/or regional organizations.

In April 2004, the HTF convened its first meeting in Chinese Taipei to discuss concrete priorities and activities. Thirty-four delegates from 17 economies, plus two from the APEC Secretariat, participated actively in the discussions. By mid-May, eleven formal project proposals were submitted to the Chair and then circulated to HTF members for review and rating. Rating criteria addressed areas of APEC added value (multi-sector, links to economy, trade); taskings from Leaders, Ministers and Senior Officials (Health Security Initiative, Regional Emerging Disease Intervention [REDI] Center, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome [SARS], influenza including avian influenza); consistency with HTF Terms of Reference; and inclusion of capacity building. As of May 30, ten economies had submitted ratings. Because there were different numbers of ratings for individual projects, average scores were used to rank the projects in priority order, including requests for APEC funding. The summary rating matrix and project summaries are included in annex.

This First Workplan is a working document and represents a first effort to establish priorities and initiate activities. Further review and discussion will lead to identification of remaining gaps, new planning efforts and updates in the plan.