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Strategic Plan

The HWG Strategic Plan was endorsed in 2013 to replace the HWG’s Medium Term Plan in light of the 2010 SCE independent evaluation of the HWG. The key elements of the Strategic Plan include: a Vision Statement, a high level statement about the issues HWG are addressing; a Mission Statement, a description of what the group is striving to achieve and how objectives will be pursued; Objectives, the steps to be taken to fulfill the Mission Statement; Critical Success Factors (Key Performance Indicators); and a Prioritised Implementation Schedule. Each Strategic Plan is as follows.


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The HWG is a working group of the SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE). The development of Strategic Plans amongst all SCE sub-fora commenced in 2010 and has been re-endorsed by the subsequent chairs of the SCE in 2011 and 2012.The SCE is encouraging sub-fora to better align with the broader vision and objectives of APEC as well as directions from APEC Leaders and Ministers. In April 2013, the APEC Technical Assistance and Training Facility (TAFT) requested the HWG to develop a new Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is intended to replace the HWG’s Medium Term Plan, reference the 2010 SCE independent evaluation of the HWG and continue implementation of the relevant recommendations of that evaluation. Guidance from APEC Leaders and Ministers from 2007 – 2012 has been considered. Across these years, recurring themes appear in the guidance to HWG from APEC Leaders and Ministers which have been drawn upon to shape the Objectives.

HWG Vision

The HWG strives towards an APEC region with:

  • resilient health systems that protect against and effectively respond to health-related threats to trade, investment and economic growth, and
  • healthy populations, which are a necessary underpinning for strong, sustainable, inclusive and balanced economic growth.

HWG Mission Statement

  1. The HWG’s mission is tobuild health system and population health resilience by leveraging APEC’s unique regional and multisectoral approach to human security, trade and investment, and economic growth.  The HWG will build on, and not duplicate, the work of other global, regional and multilateral health bodies, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the ASEAN Health Committee and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Health Committee.
  2.  We are a forum for information sharing and technical cooperation, working with, contributing to and benefiting from the diverse range of expertise in other APEC sub-fora.  We will advise senior officials, ministers, and leaders as appropriate, in the range of areas of our work.  Our initiatives will build capacity and showcase innovation in the region and, over time, form a unique and coherent body of work contributing to the achievement of our vision of resilient health systems and healthy populations.


The HWG will focus on building health system resilience and supporting healthly populations by:

  1. enhancing preparedness for effective, equitable and efficient management of emerging and re‑emerging infectious diseases with pandemic potential, including but not limited to avian influenza and other zoonoses, HIV/AIDS, vector-borne diseases, tuberculosis, and anti-microbial resistant (AMR) infections;
  2. strengthening health systems including in the areas of health and development, universal health coverage, health financing, human resources including the appropriate use of local wisdom and health information technologies (Health IT);
  3. building multisectoral capacity across economies for healthy life style promotion and for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases, including injuries.
To ensure the HWG’s discussions remain topical, host economies may wish to introduce a special theme of work for their host year complementing the ongoing objectives of the HWG.


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